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Hiring the right lawyer is an important decision. Just like you would probably not undergo a complicated surgery without first consulting with another surgeon to get a second opinion, you should not enter into a binding engagement agreement with a law firm without first informing yourself about the law firm’s ability and capability to help you. You should also interview with other law firms to see if perhaps a different lawyer appears to be a better fit for your case.

At Oberheiden Law, we encourage you, the consumer, the potential or actual client, to not base any decision of whom to select as your trusted lawyer merely based on that lawyer’s or law firm’s online presence, online ranking, or generally speaking, marketing and advertisement information. Just because a business or a law firm ranks higher and seems to be better positioned online, this does not necessarily mean that this firm or person also offers higher and better quality of services.

Oberheiden Law and the operators of this Website apply various techniques to improve its positioning in search engines. We encourage you to not consider the results of such efforts or the techniques themselves as a factor when selecting your attorney. We encourage you to compare different lawyers, to speak with more than one law firm, and to not base any decision simply based on advertisement, whether that being explicit or implied representations, suggestions, endorsements, or online presence. Oberheiden Law unconditionally endorses and strives to follow in all respects and aspects the consumer protection guidelines under state and federal law. Please report any actual or potential untrue, misleading, unfair, or unsubstantiated information or content on this Website to Oberheiden Law immediately for us to review and to take immediate corrective action.

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